2nd - 4th  – Closed for Labor Day

5th   – Summer t-shirt uniform over – full uniforms in classes now

8th – Jump Start Friday

14th –16th - Replacement Sale

15th – Jump Start Friday

20th – Apple Day - come to class and get a fruit!

23rd – Parent’s Night Out

Mark your Calendar:

October – 14th – KI Cup State Championships

November 3rdBlack Belt Friday

CLOSED FOR LABOR DAY WEEKEND – September 2nd - 4th

We will be closed on Saturday and Monday of Labor Day Weekend.  We hope you all have a nice restful weekend! 

JUMPSTART FALL FRIDAYS – September  8th and 15th    

In September, we will offer FREE private lessons on one Friday to help all our students get back in the swing of Karate.  So, if you need a jump start on your Karate – come and get some help from all of our Black Belt Volunteers that will be donating their time to getting you back on track.  Sign up in the lobby!

WEAPONS CLASSES – September is Nunchaku

For the whole month of September, the Weapons class will be working with the Nunchaku.  The Weapons class for children Deputy Brown Belt and up, is taught on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.  It is best to have your own pair of Nunchakus to make sure you don’t lose out on participation in the class.  October we will offer the Sais at the Weapon of the month.

REPLACEMENT SALE – September 14th – 15th  

We are offering a Replacement Sale to help those of you who have not replaced Sparring Gear or Uniforms lately.  For these 3 days, anything that you need to replace will be 15% off.  This discount is strictly limited to items you need to replace.  It also cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts.  Parents of children who have changed a shoe size or two…this is a great time to check those footpads to see if they have outgrown those as well!

PARENT’S NIGHT OUT!!   Saturday, September 23rd 5:30-8:30 pm

For those of you who attended our End of Summer Pizza Party/Nerf Wars, you may already have heard about this.  We are offering a Parent’s Night Out for children ages 5 and up.  We will start this fun night with our Pizza Party, followed by our FAMOUS Nerf games and we will calm them down before you pick them up, with a fun Movie projected on our big wall!  There are only 20 spots available in our PNO, so sign up early. NEW this PNO – any student who registers for Parent’s Night Out will receive a Buddy Pass to bring a friend (non KI member) for ½ price.  The cost is $20 per student and you can register at our front desk. Our next PNO will be in early December. 


The last day this year for Summer T-shirt Uniform is Thursday, September 1st.  Please make sure you have your complete uniform when we re-open after the Labor Day Weekend.


There is a policy at Karate International that is not well known!  Parents of children training at Karate International are welcome to use our treadmills, bikes, stairmaster or any of our weight training equipment, during their child’s class.  SO, if you are having trouble fitting in your workout, let us be part of the solution.  It is absolutely free! 

K.I. CUP STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT – Saturday, Coming up October 14th

Look for information and registration forms beginning September 9th.  The Raleigh Dojo has won the KI  Cup Trophy for the past two years.  The KI dojo that collects the most 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place awards wins it each year.   Also, every 1st Place winner in every Kata division can compete in the Grand Champion Division at the end of the tournament.  The Grand Champion Winner will be awarded their own KI Cup Trophy and a $50 prize.  From White belt, to Little Samurai students, to Black Belts, everyone can enter this tournament.  Please register in advance, as we prefer not to do any registration on Tournament day.  Pre-registration begins September 9th and ends Thursday, October 12th.  The tournament cost is $40 by pre-registration.  If you register on tournament day, plan to pay an additional $5.00.