17th   Promotion Ceremony 7:00 pm

18th   Clinic Day 2:00-6:00 pm

23rd  Apple Day!

Coming Up – FREE FUN DAY  3/18/17

APPLE DAY – February 23rd

Leave your snack money home on this day!  Come to class on Apple Day and take your choice of fruits from our “apples and other fruits” table, at the end of class.  Let’s have FRUIT before to get our New Year’s Resolutions going in the right direction.

CLINIC DAY – February 18th      

We are bringing back our Clinic Day this year.  We will offer 4 hours of clinics on Saturday February 18th.  There will be 3 choices of clinics every hour, for a total of 12 clinics.  Students will be able to try out a variety of different clinics.  Each clinic is $15 or an all-day pass is $50.00.  

WEAPONS CLASSES – February is Kama Month  

For the whole month of February, the Weapons class will be Kama skills.  In this month’s class we will cover the proper use and of the Kamas.  Children who are Black Belt Club Members can attend Weapons Class for kids on Wednesdays at 4:30.   We will also focus on Kamas during the Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 advanced adult classes.  


There is a policy at Karate International that is not well known!  Parents of children training at Karate International are welcome to use our treadmills, bikes, or any of our weight training equipment, during their child’s class.  SO, if you are having trouble fitting in your workout for your New Year’s Resolution, let us be part of the solution. 

FREE FUN DAY – Coming up on March 18th
Have you ever wondered what Summer Camp days are like at Karate International.  Sign up with a friend, to participate in our Free Fun Day! For rising 1st Graders up through 6th Graders.  We will have a great program from 2-5 pm, with a little bit of everything we do during our Summer Camps.   It is just a Free Fun Day!